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Our services can take a rifle approach to needs you have already identified,  or we can do an organizational functional assessment for you that will highlight recommended target areas.  We are "hands on" in delivery of our services, meaning that we spend constructive time at your location. In addition, once you are a client, we are also available anytime for phone consultation. 

Management Efficiency & Organizational Evaluation

Understanding the scalability and effectiveness of your management team is of critical importance to assuring achievement of your company strategic objectives.  Our evaluation process highlights developmental needs, focusing on approaches that will bring management productivity up and in sync with your company strategic objectives.

Executive Level Coaching

Coaching the first time CEO, industry veterans, or entire executive teams, we take a 360 approach with tailored development plans and goals at the individual and group level. Our objective is to help you create an environment of open and effective communication and teamwork.

Organizational Development Planning

Starting with an understanding of your company's strategic objectives, we blueprint approaches to manpower planning and identify milestones for staffing programs (with specific attention to "time-to-hire" and cost effectiveness), management infrastructure, succession planning, performance measurement, physical space planning, all in coordination with driving desired company culture.

Talent Acquisition & 
Talent Management

We customize your talent acquisition approach to be scalable and cost effective, designing process and recommending the most appropriate tools to meet time-to-hire objectives.

From on-boarding through first year performance appraisals, continuing career development and training programs, we provide guidance, design, and implementation process to bring your talent management efforts to maximum effectiveness levels

HR Operations, Business Partnering and Metrics

We custom design compensation structures & benchmarking, benefits & wellness programs, employee communication, total rewards programs to fit your culture and keep it on track, and change management to ensure smooth implementation. We help you focus on key HR driven data, setting up reports, dashboards, and data tracking processes to provide meaningful feedback on program successes and areas for improvement with a critical eye to cost effectiveness.

Total Compensation Plans

Compensation Benchmarking: Providing you with the most meaningful comp data by which to tailor your compensation philosophy and structure

Compensation Philosophy & Plan: Getting definition and sponsorship at the executive and Board level on the company's approach to compensation

Total Rewards Programs: Integrating cash and non-cash rewards to maximize positive impact on your employees.

Commission & Salary Structures: Customized cost effective compensation structures to fit your business model

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